Multilingual Mastery with Laravel

7 days ago
1 minute read
Me on stage at Laravel Live London 2024Me on stage at Laravel Live London 2024

Thanks for watching my talk at Laravel Live 2024. I hope it inspired you to make inclusive, localised applications that can be used by people all over the world.

Here's some links to resources that I mentioned in the talk:

  • Laravel's Localisation documentation

    Laravel's documentation is a great place to re-cap most of the string externalisation concepts discussed.

  • Number class

    The Number class is a great way to format numbers in a locale-aware way.

  • Carbon macro-formats

    When you're formatting a date in Carbon, you can use the isoFormat method to format a date in a locale-aware way, using one of the many macro-formats available here.

  • Accept-Language HTTP header

    The Accept-Language header provides us with the user's preferred language, as determined by the operating system.

  • HasLocalePreference contract

    The HasLocalePreference contract allows you to easily send notifications to a user, using their persisted preferred locale.

  • Lokalise, Transifex and Crowdin

    These tools give you a dashboard to manage your translation files, and allow you purchase translations too. They come with a GitHub integration too, so changes to translation files get raised as a PR.

  • i18n a11y VSCode extension

    This VSCode extension will make your development journey so much easier. You'll see your translations inline, plus you'll get a warning if you're missing a translation key.

  • i18n a11y Jetbrains extension

    This extension features the same functionality as mentioned previously, but for Jetbrains IDEs.

A couple more points,

  • If you're using Laravel Vapor to deploy your application, you may need to take some additional steps to support multiple locales. I've written a blog post that steps you through what you need to do, and explains why.

  • One thing I didn't touch on here is RTL. This is a whole other topic, but it's something you'll need to think about if you need to add language support for a right-to-left language, like Arabic or Hebrew. I'm hoping to provide you with some content on this in the near future.

  • I'm super passionate about this topic, and I want to help you all on your localisation journey. So if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to me on Pinkary or any of my other socials linked there.