Dan Johnson

Full Stack Web Developer

with 3 years commercial experience
A desktop client for BitBucket issue tracking

Devflow is a native application for Windows, macOS and Linux built on the Electron framework. It connects with the BitBucket API to allow users to view, update and modify their issues Read more »

Node JS Electron WebSockets
A bug tracker where developers can use their own database

Me and my team needed a service like Honeybadger or Rollbar but these solutions were too expensive. We already had a server running MongoDB, so I built Zappem. Errors from your applications get sent to Zappem and stored in your own database. Read more »

Node JS MongoDB Mocha WebSockets
An HTML5 web-app for seeing where you are during a flight

Unlike long-haul flights, most short-haul flights don't provide information about where you are on a map. But I noticed that even with Airplane Mode enabled, my phone still received a GPS signal. Therefore I built Aeromap which plots your GPS location on an offline GeoJSON map. Read more »

JavaScript GeoJSON HTTPS
A toolbar for quickly switching branches through the browser

I made GitBar to make my workflow easier. I usually develop on my local machine and push to a test environment before pushing to production, but I found that I frequently needed to checkout different feature branches on the test server and SSHing in was becoming too time consuming. Read more »

Laravel Composer SSH
My personal website for showcasing my best work

The source code for this website is available on my GitHub profile. Read more »

SCSS pushState + AJAX Composer
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