Me on stage at Laravel Live London 2024
Multilingual Mastery with Laravel
Notes and resources from my talk at Laravel Live 2024.
7 days ago1 minute read
Localisation in Laravel Vapor
Laravel Vapor doesn't support localisation out of the box - here's how to add it
4 months ago3 minute read
Me speaking at the unconference
Unconference @ Laracon EU 2024
I spoke about Localisation in Laravel at Laracon EU's Unconference
5 months ago0 minute read
Creating a new certificate in the Apple Developer portal
Signing your NativePHP application with GitHub Actions
How to sign and notarize your NativePHP application for macOS distribution outside of the App Store
10 months ago5 minute read
Me scanning a tin of beans
Barcodes and Magstripes on the web
Connecting legacy peripherals to the web is easier than you think!
1 year ago4 minute read